The Lay Aggregate is an association of women and men, aligned with - but distinct from - the Congregation of the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts.

The member of this Lay Aggregate, while remaining in the secular environment of the world, and carrying out their own work and social responsibilities, strive for Christian perfection by actively sharing in the charisma of the Religious Institute of the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts; - bringing the effects of the Christian perfection into the workplace, as well as into their social environment.

Under the guidance of religious directors of this institute, the members of the Lay Aggregate participate in the Spirituality and Mission of the Little Workers, - having both a Spirituality and Apostolic program.

The Spiritual Program consists in opportunities for exercises in prayerful recollection in communion with the Religious Members of the Congregation of Sisters.

The Apostolic Program is as broad and open-ended as the God-given talents of the Lay Members can devise in their work and social environments: - through loving Christian example, through evangelization, catechesis, voluntary service to the needy, etc.

It is by such selfless, Christian caring that God blesses the Church with vocations to the Sisterhood, Brotherhood and Priesthood.

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